Our Children, Our Lovers, Part Three

  • Posted on May 2, 2015 at 11:19 am

By JetBoy

We ate at a fancy restaurant. Nine-year-old Emily looked darling in her pink dress. Christina wore a pretty skirt with a rather daring low-cut top that I’d picked out for her, a rose-colored number that kept her lovely shoulders bare and made it very clear that her breasts were beginning to bloom. Fay made Christina giggle by playfully asking her if there were any other secrets she had hidden.

The four of us shared secret smiles and knowing glances throughout the meal. Emily was clearly excited, so much that she didn’t even want dessert! As for me, I couldn’t stop grinning like an idiot, thinking about the pleasures to come.

After dinner, Christina nudged her baby sister, and Emily held out their present to Fay: a wristwatch they had picked out together from this amazing little shop I took them to in the Mission. Fay loved her gift, and swapped the new watch for the one she was wearing right then and there.

By the meal’s end we were all downright giddy, and I felt warm inside just from being with my wonderful family. This time, though, the warmth was accompanied by something new and utterly thrilling.

The ride home seemed to crackle with anticipation. It seemed to take forever, but finally Fay tooled our SUV into the driveway. Leaping out, the girls raced toward the front door with my keys, exchanging excited whispers.

Fay held me back. “Nicky, I don’t know. It’s a fantasy come true, but I’m still a little afraid of… well, this might not be the best thing for the girls.”

I reached for her hand, gave it a squeeze. “Babe, this isn’t anything new to Emily or Christine. They’ve been making love behind our backs for weeks, and with your sister long before that. It didn’t mess up their heads then, and it won’t now. They want this to happen, just as much as we do. Face it, lover… you’re getting the birthday of your life tonight.”

“Okay, then,” she whispered, giving me a nod and a fleeting smile. I led her into the house.

We found the girls in our bedroom arranging the pillows, including a few extra they’d added from their own rooms. I’d already explained to Fay that the kids were used to doing things a certain way with their mother, and that it made them feel comfortable to keep to their familiar routine — on our first night together, at least.

Christina lit several candles they’d placed about the room, then turned off the overhead light. Little Emily was giving serious consideration to the exact positioning of the pillows… then she stood beside her sister, nibbling her lower lip as both girls gazed at us.

Christina looked down at her dress. “Um… we’re usually in our jammies.”

“Go get changed then,” I said. They scampered off.

Fay turned to me, her eyes dancing with nervous excitement. “Is this really happening, babe? It feels like a dream.”

“It is happening,” I murmured. “You and I are about to live out a fantasy that few women like us will ever experience.”

“God, Nicky,” she whispered, drawing me close, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too, babe,” I sighed happily, drifting into her arms.

We held each other for a long, blissful while — at least until the girls dashed back in, this time in their cute pajamas.

Christina frowned thoughtfully as she looked around the room. “Let’s see, candles, pillows, our jammies… what’s missing?”

“They have way too many clothes on!” Emily squealed, pointing at us accusingly.

“That’s right. Aunt Fay, Aunt Nicky… you have to take all your clothes off!”

It felt weird, but thrilling. There we were, slipping out of evening dresses off in front of the girls. I unzipped Fay from the back, then letting her dress drop to the floor. She stood there in bra and panties and I undid the catch, baring her breasts.

Little Emily turned and whispered into her sister’s ear. “Yeah,” Christine agreed, “just like Mommy’s.”

I turned my lover around to find a new light in her eyes. Gone was all signs of fear and nervousness. Now, she radiated desire.

I’d gone without a bra that night, so Fay only had to ease the front of my dress down to expose my breasts, the nipples stiff and aching to be touched. Drawing me to her, she kissed me hotly, pressing her body into mine as we swapped tongues.

We finally broke apart, blushing slightly, shared a smile and slid our panties down and off before turning to face the girls.

Emily excitedly whispered, “Wow!”

“What?” Fay demanded.

Emily replied, “Hair. You guys have hair down there.”

It seems that Angela had kept herself shaved smooth, so the girls had never seen a grown woman’s pubes before, at least not in person. Fay and I had, respectively, light and dark bushes, neatly trimmed. It was just a reminder to us that our little girls would soon be showing us their own vulvas. I could already feel myself getting soaked.

“Okay,” Christina instructed, “now you gotta sit on the bed, back against the pillows.”

Fay and I made our way to the head of the bed and arranged ourselves. The girls watched, waiting patiently until we were still.

Chris gave us a nod of approval. “Mommy liked to touch herself while she watched us,” she declared, then turned to Emily, reaching for her sister’s hand.

Emily and Christina gazed into one another’s eyes and smiled, then slowly drifted into a warm hug. They held each other, swaying very slightly. Then Christina pulled away just enough to give her baby sister a loving look… and our little girls kissed.

Their lips brushed together gently at first, the kiss soft, affectionate. Then Emily’s tongue emerged to lick at Christina’s lips, and they seemed to melt into one another, their embrace growing increasingly passionate. Fay’s hand clutched mine, and I swear that I could feel her heartbeat pulsing through her fingers. Christina’s hands slipped down to cup her baby sister’s bottom as she tongue-fucked Emily’s eager mouth.

Fay and I were transfixed, so lost in the moment that we weren’t even masturbating, like the girls expected us to do. We just sat there holding hands, drinking in this vision of prepubescent lesbian incest.

From the day Chris and Emily came to stay with us, Fay and I had been pleased, and a little surprised, at how well our little girls got on together — especially considering the often stormy relationships she and I had both experienced with our own siblings. But now we understood: Christina and Emily weren’t just sisters, and they weren’t merely playing sex games together for the pleasure of it… they were genuine lovers. The adoring looks they shared and the intensity of their kisses made the room seem at least ten degrees hotter.

A sudden pulse of arousal shot through me when Emily slipped her hands beneath her sister’s top, sliding them up Christina’s body to fondle her breasts. Christina moaned into Emily’s kissing mouth, cradling her baby sister’s hips with both hands.

This was the hottest, sexiest thing I’d ever seen — and a quick glance at Fay told me that she felt the same way.

Drifting apart, Chris took Emily’s hand, leading the younger girl to the foot of the bed. I gave in to the heat of the moment, pressing a hand between my trembling thighs. Fay was already fingering herself; I could hear the squishing of her wet pussy.

Emily and Christina helped each other take off their pajama tops, almost bashfully. I couldn’t help but moan at the sight of their partial nudity. I had seen Christina’s budding breasts for the first time the other day, but they seemed even more alluring now. Emily was still a child, her chest flat but for pert pink nipples. I’d seen her naked in the tub, of course, but now her nudity meant something completely new to me. They both had flawless, creamy skin that my hands ached to caress.

What a decadent scene we made: a pair of grown women, both stark naked and masturbating, watching two little girls put on a sex show for us.

Christina reached for the waistband of her sister’s pajama bottoms and slowly drew them down, revealing Emily’s bare slit. Our grinning nine-year old stepped out of her jammies, then turned to help her big sister get that last item of clothing down her legs and feet. Now our little girls were both nude, and I trembled in anticipation of what they would do next.

The smell of cunt was sharp in the air. Fay’s sex was especially fragrant, something I loved about her. She gave off the most enchanting perfume when aroused, and I drew in a deep breath of the thick, heady scent.

Standing behind her sister, Christina reached around Emily to cup her childish sex, stroking the smooth slit with a finger. Emily tilted her head back, Chris dipped hers forward, and their mouths met in another tender kiss, tongues playing sweet games while their bare bodies pressed tightly together. Christine was grinding her pelvis in a very lewd way against her baby sister’s bottom.

Gently breaking away, Christina glanced at us, then crawled onto the bed. Fay and I stared open-mouthed as the eleven-year-old nymphet lay back in front of us, parting her thighs to show us what she had.

Naked, she was the most beautiful creation imaginable. Christina’s adolescent body was smooth as silk; her sparsely downed pussy a soft-petaled flower.

Fay and I both leaned forward to get a closer look, and in response, Christine opened her sex for us with trembling fingers. Her pussy shone with a clean pink wetness that enthralled me. I could just see the tiny nubbin of her clit, waiting to be licked.

As if she was reading my mind, Fay moved to kneel between Christina’s thighs, slowly lowering her face to the child’s slit. She took a long, slow lick, then pressed in further, going down on her niece for the first time. I masturbated furiously as I watched my lover living out her ultimate fantasy for the first time, knowing that I would soon be experiencing the same forbidden pleasures.

Christina’s eyes were glazed as her aunt tenderly licked her smooth cleft. Meanwhile, naked little Emily knelt down to whisper in her sister’s ear. Christina listened, then smiled at Emily and nodded. With that, Emily stood, straddled her sister’s head and carefully lowered her babyish sex to Christina’s already open mouth. My fingers started moving in overdrive, and Fay lifted her head just in time to see Christina licking her little sister’s vagina. “Oh, my God,” I heard my lover whisper.

As Emily slowly settled onto her sibling’s face, I could see Christina’s tongue exploring the child’s tiny hole. The nine-year-old let her head tilt backward, eyes closed and mouth open as big sister pleasured her.

The sight was too much for me; I had to join in.

I quickly rose and made my way to the bed, where I knelt next to Emily on the bed, reaching up to caress the child’s nipples. Her face turned to mine, a look of adoration in her eyes. My lips sought hers in a kiss that quickly grew heated when her little tongue pushed into my mouth.

I began to touch little Emily, my hands eagerly exploring her childish body. It was like no loving I had ever known before — utterly intoxicating!

I moaned into Emily’s kiss as her hand found its way to my dripping cunt, clumsily finding the opening before two fingers slipped deep inside me. In seconds I was coming, sweet shocks of pleasure jolting through my frame. I tore my mouth from Emily’s and cried out, shaking from head to toe as she wriggled her fingers around in my vagina.

Then Emily was coming herself, pressing her face into my breasts as she shivered with delight from her big sister’s oral loving. And suddenly Christina’s body began to buck and rock on the bed as Fay ate her to orgasm.

Fay, still lying on her tummy and nuzzling Christina’s vagina, was the only one of us who had yet to climax, so little Emily climbed from her big sister’s face, scooted around the bed and knelt behind Fay, lowering her face into the juncture of her aunt’s thighs to lick her from behind.

Fay gasped, then lifted her head from Christina’s sex just long enough to twist her head back around and take in the amazing sight of nine-year-old Emily, nose buried in the crack of her ass and licking at her cunt.

Clearly, that view was too much for Fay, who immediately exploded in a screaming orgasm that shook the bed violently. I was blown away. My lover had always been a real tigress, but I’d never seen her climax like that.

Emily rose from behind Fay, giggling happily at the sight of her ecstasy-dazed aunt. I opened my arms, and she fell into them. Christina snuggled next to me. Fay, gasping for air and soaked with sweat, crawled onto the bed to join us. We lay cuddled together in a tangle of sweet, sticky flesh.

Soon enough our desire started to simmer once more, and hands began to explore the warm bodies of new lovers; lips placed gentle kisses upon bare skin and purrs of delight were heard. Christina took my nipple into her mouth and began to suckle as my hands slipped down her back to fondle her bottom. She arched her head back to gasp with delight as my fingertip teased her asshole, then I quickly claimed her mouth in a kiss.

My heart swelled as this nude eleven-year-old girl returned my kiss, her tongue plunging into my mouth. She was groping my breasts while I slipped a hand between her thighs to cup her barely downed pussy, allowing a finger to slip into the moist slit. I glanced to my right to see Fay seated on the bed, back pressed against the headboard with little Emily straddling her lap — a grown woman and a little girl, sharing a steamy French kiss.

Suddenly Christina pushed me onto my back and squirmed down between my legs, her eyes dancing with excitement. Without hesitation she pressed her mouth into my throbbing cunt, and I cried out loud. Her tongue emerged to lick at my labia like a hungry kitten, then she plastered her mouth to my sex and began to go down on me in earnest.

I whimpered, my fingers tangling in Christina’s hair. Jesus, she was good. I’d had cunnilingus from life-long dykes who couldn’t eat pussy as well as this preteen girl.

I opened my eyes to see what the others were up to… oh, my. Emily was on her knees, and my lover was licking at her nine-year-old niece’s asshole. Emily’s head was thrown back, and she had a hand between her thin legs, plunging a finger in and out of her bare sex. That sight was enough to push me over the edge and into orgasm yet again. And as I lay panting in the aftermath, I heard Emily squeal in rapture as her aunt made her come.

Poor little Emily fell asleep right there on the bed at that point, so Fay picked up her nude niece and carried her to her bedroom to tuck her in. Christina and I shared hot, hungry kisses until Fay got back.

Once she did, it was a free-for-all. Christina seemed to be in heaven as the three of us made love over and over again. God, that youngster could fuck women like she lived for it. As she knelt to taste her aunt’s pussy, I moved behind her and fondled her flawless bottom. I was nearly swooning as I spread her cheeks apart to gaze at her cute pink rosebud. My finger teased the rim of her pucker and, as if in a stupor; my head drifted forward, lost in the sweet flesh of this little girl. I remember my tongue pressing against her pouting anus, then pushing in a little. I felt the young one squeal, then giggle as I began probing her rectum with my tongue.

We moved about in various combinations, trying everything out. Then as the night began to wane, Fay, who couldn’t get enough of Christina’s pussy, was about to lick the girl’s slit one last time. I held the child in my arms as my mate parted Christina’s sticky labia with her fingers and inhaled deeply, savoring her little-girl scent like a fine wine. As Fay ran her tongue through her niece’s velvet slit, Christina sucked my nipple into her mouth and teased it with playful little bites that had me gasping. Soon the youngster was bucking and twitching as Fay licked her to one last orgasm. After that, the three of us more or less passed out.

Everyone slept late that morning. I could barely walk in a straight line, much less whip up the big breakfast I usually served up on Saturday mornings, so it was toaster waffles for all. I must have looked like Fay did; worn out and ready to crawl back under the sheets — only this time, it would be to sleep! Somehow, though, I managed to get an edible morning meal together.

The kids looked bright and cheery and asked if they could watch TV. We nodded, and they scooted off, bickering over the remote. Fay looked at me in amazement.

Rising together from the breakfast table, we peered into the living room at the youngsters. If it wasn’t for a brief, sweet smile Christina turned to give us, you’d have thought that the previous night had been some kind of crazy dream.

“Amazing,” Fay said, shaking her head in astonishment.

“Told ya,” I smiled.


For a week or so after that, Fay and I were like two kids in a candy shop. We couldn’t get enough of the beautiful bodies of our adopted girls. We would rush home from work, eager to undress them and slip into bed for a sex party, exploring our little lovers with fingers, mouths and tongues. Emily began to wear flannel pajamas with nothing underneath around the house, because she knew how I loved to pull the bottom half down to her ankles to reveal her flawless little ass, then part her cheeks and push my tongue into her butt crack.

Luckily for us both, Christina and Emily were just as eager for sex as Fay and I. They couldn’t wait for the chance to run their hands over our breasts, or bury their faces in our cunts. As it turned out, they both loved our pubic hair, and prevailed on us to give up trimming down there. I even stopped shaving under my arms, which the girls liked too. Christina, in particular, loved to bury her face into the tuft of hair in my armpit and lick me there.

In the two years since the four of us became lovers, we’ve managed to relax a bit, and can spend quality time together without at least a couple of us having to fuck right then and there… but our collective sex life is still pretty amazing. At least once a week, all four of us get naked and enjoy a family orgy. Every Friday, we all dress up and go out to that same restaurant we took Fay to on our wonderful first night together. And when we get home, the clothes come off and the loving begins.

Last night, we started by having the kids undress us. Christina giggled as she unfastened Fay’s black top, and Emily had to stand on the bed to undo mine. Fay’s bra always unclasped from the front, and Christina buried her face in her adopted mother’s newly bared breasts. Soon we were all naked and cuddling, sharing French kisses.

Fay sat back with young Emily in her arms, masturbating as her little girl suckled her beautiful breasts, their nudity creating a sexy Madonna and child scene. Christina and I began to touch each other as we watched them, the wetness of her lightly-downed sex spurring my lust even higher.

Fay pulled a glistening finger from her cunt and smeared the wetness on her left nipple. Emily smiled and sucked it into her mouth, flicking at the pink tip with a playful tongue. With a happy sigh, Fay resumed her fingering, fondling the child’s pert bottom with her free hand.

Pausing to give me a quick kiss, Christina moved to join them, sliding between Emily’s thighs to take her little sister’s sex into her mouth. Fay’s hand was working frantically between her thighs as both our little girls made love to her.

Wanting to participate, I slid forward and rubbed my face against Christina’s flawless ass, eyeing my lover sinfully as I did so. She groaned and her mouth dropped open as she worked her clit even faster. Pressing my face between the girl’s cheeks and breathing in the wonderful mixed aroma of pussy and anus, I pried Christina’s cheeks apart and gazed hungrily at her pink star, licking my lips in anticipation.

I looked up to see that Fay was watching me at that moment — and with both hands parting her bottom, I extended my tongue to explore Christina’s asshole. The girl moaned into Fay’s cunt when she felt that first lick, clearly loving it.

That was when Fay began to come. With my mouth buried in Christina’s crack, I could feel the bed shake from my lover’s convulsions. Emily had to hold on for dear life as her aunt shook in ecstasy, bucking and rocking helplessly.

Christina continued to pleasure Emily’s vagina, and her body began to tremble when my index finger slipped into her juicy cunt. I had learned long ago how to make this child climax on cue, and with my finger probing her pussy and my tongue bathing her anus, she was just about there.

When Chris comes, it’s an intense yet quiet orgasm that makes her boyish body quiver gently, like a struck tuning fork. She was coming like that now, her anal ring gripping my finger as I worked the tip of it into her. I watched in delight as her ass-cheeks clenched tightly at the instant of release, her girlish body frozen in mindless rapture.

When Christina turned over, gasping for air, I lowered my body onto hers, pressing my full breasts into her smaller ones and kissing her luscious mouth as hotly as I was able. She wrapped her limber legs around my hips and giggled; my finger was still knuckle-deep in her hole. We kissed for a long while, savoring the sound of Emily’s whimpers as Fay licked her smooth slit.

Then Christina broke our kiss and grinned wickedly, “Get up on your hands and knees, Aunt Nicky,” she purred in a little-girl voice that never failed to spur my lust to wicked new highs, “I want to lick you now.”

How could I refuse an offer like that? I rose to my knees and positioned myself just above my teen lover’s face, pulse racing, then clutched the bedsheets, a small whimper escaping my lips as Christina’s tongue began to explore the wet folds of my cunt. I glanced to the other side of the bed, smiling up at a gasping Emily, who was now riding Fay’s face. I could clearly see my girlfriend’s tongue licking lovingly at Emily’s babyish slit, pleasuring our littlest girl. Then Emily, biting her lower lip, leaned forward a bit, sliding her hand between Fay’s thighs to touch her pussy.

I hummed with pleasure, savoring the feel of Christina’s hot mouth on my sex as I watched the others make love. I closed my eyes and, as I so often did these days, thought to myself, This is heaven.


This story is a tribute / adaptation of the Frankie and Janey series of stories by Leslita author HoneyWest, one of the first writers to post at that site… and an author of considerable erotic power whose work you should check out immediately, if not sooner. I loved the original Frankie and Janey tales, enough to want to try my hand at a “cover version” of HoneyWest’s saga that put a different spin on it. She generously gave me the green light to do so, and I was off.

I rewrote the story fairly thoroughly — keeping some plot elements, discarding others, adding new text and dialogue, and changing the gender of one major character.

My heartfelt gratitude to HoneyWest for inspiration… and here’s hoping that we see a new story from her someday.


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    Truly, a superb tribute, Jet Boy!
    Thanks for all your hard work and talent…


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