Aunt Lisa’s Summer with Jenny, Chapter 5

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Only the Beginning

By Cheryl Taggert

For a brief description of who’s who in this series, go here.

When they arrived at Lisa’s bedroom, they all clambered up onto Lisa’s own king-sized bed. Jenny and Tammy looked at the others with eager eyes flashing their lust. Lisa felt that since it was her house and bed that she should get the festivities going.

“Emily, honey, move over here next to me,” she said, and the child moved over to where Lisa could get at her smooth little cunny. “Jenny, you and Tammy take care of Cheryl. Is that okay with you?” she asked Cheryl, who nodded, smiling brightly.

Jenny immediately kissed Cheryl fully on the lips, feeling the adult’s tongue begin to explore the recesses of her mouth. Tammy moved to Cheryl’s breasts. She began to play with her mother’s boobs, hefting their weight in her hands and pinching her highly sensitive nipples. Cheryl cooed her pleasure. Telling her story had gotten her extremely excited, and her daughter’s hands on her titties and her daughter’s young friend’s lips on her own were building the fires that raged within her to a bonfire. She reached out and began to massage the small breasts that were Jenny’s tiny globes, imitating her own daughter’s movements on her own nipples and tit-flesh. She loved the feel of the tiny titties, and relished the puffiness of the rosy nipples that swelled from the breasts.

Tammy, meanwhile, began to lick and suck the aureoles of her mother’s nipples, first one then the other, pulling the tips of each nipple into her hungry mouth. As she did so, she massaged her mother’s tummy, rubbing ever closer to the heated pleasure of her pussy. Occasionally, she would reach around and cup what ass flesh was available to her hands. She would squeeze the round mounds of flesh and move back to her mommy’s tummy. Her own pussy was heating as well. She knew that soon she would be at a boiling point. She felt her mother was nearly there, too.

Jenny felt Cheryl’s warm hands reach out and cup her grapefruit-sized boobs. She loved the feel of the adult’s hands on her flesh. These experienced fingers knew their task well. They moved with a practiced touch, teasing the nipples into attention. She renewed her efforts to try to turn Cheryl on with her tongue in her mouth, or at least turn her on more than she already was. She could smell the aroma of Cheryl`s adult pussy as it steamed its juices out of her vagina. She wanted Cheryl to come from her kisses. She could feel Tammy at Cheryl`s breasts, sensed the movement as the daughter suckled the mother. She could feel Cheryl squirming beneath her mouth. She knew that Cheryl was about to burst into an orgasm already. Breathlessly, she drew back and looked at Cheryl. She could see the unbelievable lust that glazed her eyes. Jenny could feel her own juices bubbling out of her little vaginal opening onto the sheets. She could not believe she was this horny.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her own aunt making love to little Emily. Her aunt was currently sitting spread-legged on the bed, reclining on the headboard while little Emily had her little body wrapped along Aunt Lisa’s side, fingering her pussy lovingly. Aunt Lisa was doing the same to Emily, her hand playing in the soft folds of the little girl’s bare pussy.

Lisa had hungered for the little girl since she had first heard Tammy mention that her baby sister was a part of her sex games with her mother. She had given herself over to her new feelings completely, had embraced them totally, and she understood the strength of her desire for the child. She couldn’t believe how much she wanted the little eight-year-old. She watched as her fingers played with the hairless mound, finding the tiny BB of the girl’s clit. She was not very wet, just moist, but the sensations she was sending through the child’s body were obviously more adult than childish. Emily was bucking her hips in a fuck rhythm that was unmistakable.

“Eat me, little one,” Lisa moaned, wanting the child’s lips on her pussy more than anything in the world at that moment. “Lick Aunt Lisa’s pussy and suck her clit.”

Emily smiled at Lisa and moved toward the older woman’s steamy gash. Her small hands moved slickly through the folds and concentrated momentarily on the woman’s clit before being replaced by her angelic mouth. Emily began to moan sharply as her mouth devoured Lisa’s mature cunt. She licked hungrily at the inner lips, manipulating the labia in a way that stimulated Lisa’s clit. Her mouth would suck greedily on the clit and move down to the vaginal opening to drink of the nectar that spilled from there. Lisa could see why the small child was good at this. She loved it. She obviously loved eating pussy as much as a baby loved her mother’s milk. Emily craved pussy juice; the cream that spilled from her pussy was ambrosia to the little girl.

Lisa thought that she would go wild with the ecstasy of the moment. Suddenly she wanted to reciprocate, to taste the little girl’s virginal mound and lick the tiny clit into an orgasm. She pulled the child’s body up on top of her own and bent to get her mouth on the baby-like vulva. They were swollen and red, puffy with an adult’s desire that was housed in a child’s body. This was an experienced lesbian child, and she wanted her cum as much as Lisa wanted her own. She pressed her bald pussy lips into Lisa’s mouth, humping the woman’s lips and tongue.

Jenny had now joined Tammy in her ravishing of Cheryl’s adult body. Both girls were now sucking a breast, and they each had a hand on Cheryl’s pussy, two fingers buried to the hilt in the hole nestled between the wet folds. They had arranged their bodies so that Cheryl could feel their pussies as well, and she was taking full advantage of the offered flesh. She had a finger of each hand inside the pussy of each girl and was pumping into the girls, finger-fucking them. She loved the feel of their youthful cunts, enjoying the tightness.

Cheryl looked over at Lisa, who was greedily sucking the pussy of her younger daughter. Emily was only eight, but she behaved more like eighteen. Her body bucked into the oral thrusts of Lisa’s tongue while she gave as much pleasure as she received. Cheryl smiled as she realized she had taught her little girl well. At the tender age of eight, Emily was as good in bed as many girls three times her age. Hell, she might be as good as Lisa herself. The little girl lived for pussy, any pussy, be it her sister’s, her mother’s, or her neighbor’s. And she knew that there was no greater pleasure than having someone who enjoyed what she did to them return the favor.

As she watched, she felt her orgasm rising in her heated mound. Her pussy was burning. But she wanted more than just fingers there.

“Mouths,” was all she said, and of course the young teens understood immediately. They shifted and glued their lips to Cheryl’s pussy, each taking a side, sharing the delicious softness that was Cheryl’s cunt.

Tammy loved the taste of her mother’s pussy. She never seemed to get enough. At the moment they were in a sort of 69 position, she and Jenny reversed to her mother’s body, each licking a half of the delectable pussy that was before them. Their tongues met at her mother’s clit and sandwiched it between them. Tammy could feel her mother’s fingers plunging in and out of her longing pussy. Tammy ached with the need to cum, and she knew that if she kept this up with her mother, they would all three be satisfied before long. She could hear the moans of Jenny’s Aunt Lisa and Emily. She knew Emily well and could tell that her own orgasm wasn’t far away.

She glanced in the direction of Emily and Lisa as they made love. They were a jumble of arms and legs as they had become intertwined into a knot of flesh that resembled an extremely erotic 69. Jenny’s aunt had her mouth glued to the swollen lips of Emily’s little pussy. Tammy knew that lovely taste and experience very well. She and her baby sister had been in the throes of ecstasy on many occasions as they ate each other as her baby sister was now doing with Jenny’s Aunt Lisa. Her sister was spreading Lisa’s pussy wide as she molded her entire face into the boiling pussy. She could see the creamy honey of Lisa’s pussy smeared all over her baby sister’s mouth and nose. She also recognized the lustful gaze that covered Emily’s pretty, girlish face. She was moments away from cumming.

Lisa couldn’t believe this was happening. She was actually locked in a wild, passionate, searingly hot 69 with the eight-year-old daughter of her neighbor while being watched by that same neighbor and the eight-year-old’s thirteen-year-old sister. Meanwhile, her own twelve-year-old niece was busy licking and sucking her neighbor to what would be a marvelous orgasm, with the help of Tammy, the daughter of the woman whose pussy was being licked. It was all too much to take any longer. Her orgasm welled up inside her at this sudden thought. A mother and two daughters, aged eight and thirteen, were there in bed with her and her twelve-year-old niece. The reality of the moment pushed her over the brink, and she began to scream with the utter passion of the orgasm that overwhelmed her. She bucked wildly against the face of the little girl who was sucking at her pussy to the point that she became afraid she might bruise the child’s face and lips with the slamming of her pussy. She screamed out her cum into the bald little pussy of the little girl who was locked in an incredible 69 with her. Never in her twenty-nine years had she ever imagined this taking place. Now that it was happening, however, she wondered what had taken her so long.

Cheryl came next, watching as her precious baby girl mouth-fucked her gorgeous neighbor, Lisa. She went crashing over the edge, closing her eyes in spite of her desire to continue watching Lisa and Emily as they licked each other’s pussy. She knew that Emily would cum very soon, and although she wanted to see her baby’s sexual frenzy reach its crest, her eyes closed involuntarily at the enormous jolt of her orgasm. Her fingers continued sliding frantically into the frothy pubescent pussies of her daughter and Jenny. They were humping her fingers as her palms slapped into the spread lips of their cunts, slamming into their throbbing clits.

Suddenly, all three little girls began to come at once. The delightful squeals of the youngsters mingled with the room’s other sounds, the breathing of the older women as they began the glowing descent from their own climaxes and the tell-tale creaking of the bed’s hardware.

Jenny could feel the fingers of her friend’s mother as they fucked her and the palm that slapped hotly against her exposed clitoris. She knew that Tammy was feeling the same thing. The thought excited her and sent her into her orgasm. It was not as massive as many she’d had, especially the one she’d had beside the pool today with her Aunt Lisa, but she was usually only good for one of those a day. The others were wonderful, but not that incredible. In a way that was a blessing. If they had all been like that, she would have done nothing all day but masturbate, all day, every day.

Tammy’s orgasm was one of her stronger ones. She pushed and slammed her pussy against her mother’s hand as her mother’s finger poked into her, fucking her expertly. She loved the feel of her mother’s hand and the smell and taste of her mother’s pussy. She suddenly longed for lips on her pussy and thought of Emily, but she was busy with Jenny’s Aunt Lisa. Perhaps later, her tired mind told her, as she drifted into a quiet slumber that sometimes overtook her when she had climaxed so hard.

Emily was in heaven. Nothing in this world was better than orgasms to the little eight-year-old girl. She had had them for some time, since age five at least, and she had learned to love them. Rarely did a day go by that she didn’t have at least one, usually two or three. She would rub her little pussy raw at night in bed, sometimes slipping into bed with her sister when they were not sleeping with their mother. They would play together or Tammy would just watch as her baby sister came against her own hand. Emily knew that Tammy liked to watch her masturbate. And she loved doing it for her. The excitement of being watched added to her enjoyment. She thought about this and other things as she pushed her pussy against the face of Jenny’s Aunt Lisa. She was happy that they had gotten other people involved in their fun. Now she would have other pussies to lick besides her mother’s and sister’s. Not that she minded that, it was just that she was looking forward to what the new additions to their little games would bring. It was like getting an unexpected present.

As she began to drift off to sleep herself, the phone rang, bringing a sudden change to the little world the two women and three children had created for themselves..

Placing a shushing finger to her wet lips, Lisa picked up the phone, already knowing who it was.

“Greg?” she asked into the receiver when she’d heard his voice. “How are things with the vacation, dear?”

A pause while Greg spoke. Jenny wondered what her uncle was saying to make her aunt seem sad, for she was certainly looking sad at the moment. Disappointed, actually.

“Yes, dear. I understand. I am so sorry you will have to cut the vacation short.”

So that was it, Jenny thought. They were coming home for some reason. She understood now. With Uncle Greg and her two cousins, Tina and Erin, coming home, their fun would have to end. At least the sexual fun would end. And that was disappointing to both Jenny and her aunt.

Lisa finished the call and turned to Cheryl, Jenny, and Tammy, who had awakened when the phone rang.

“Greg has to bring Tina and Erin home. He has a business emergency in London that must be attended to immediately. He will be gone for about three weeks, but with the girls here, we will have to curtail our activities, I’m afraid.”

“When will they be here?” Jenny asked, obvious in her disappointment.

“Tomorrow, hon. I’m meeting them at the airport to pick up the girls at 9:30 in the morning. Greg is catching a flight from there directly to London.”

Tammy and Jenny sighed deeply, knowing that the fun was over before it had really begun.

But Cheryl had a different idea. “Why do we need to stop what we’re doing?”

Lisa looked at her incredulously. “Cheryl, he’s bringing my daughters home. Tina’s only nine and Erin is…”

“Only one year younger than Emily,” Cheryl finished.

Lisa looked at Cheryl silently. Was she suggesting what it seemed she was? Did Cheryl really expect her to bring her own children into this orgy? They were just babies. There was no way that they could have the same feelings that Emily had and that Tammy had had at that young age. Was there?

Then a series of images leapt into her mind. Snatches of memories began to coalesce into short scenes. She saw Tina and Erin in the pool, playing. But the memory suddenly included other images that she’d ignored until now. They had been playing near the water jets in the pool, giggling as the jets gushed into their little pussies. Then she saw her little girls in the tub together, a sudden movement causing water to splash as she had entered the bathroom. Now she realized what she had truly seen that she had denied until now. They had been playing with each other’s pussies, fingering the outer folds and clits of each other’s tiny cunt. The movement had been the sudden response to her entry to avoid being caught, but they’d been just a split second too late. She had seen; she just hadn’t admitted until right now what it was she had seen, preferring to think of her little girls as innocent. Then she remembered the giggles in the night as she passed their bedroom, the whispering. Once she had entered without knocking and they’d been naked. They had explained it by saying they had been too hot for their pajamas. Too hot, indeed! Now she realized what they had been doing all along. Her little girls had the hots for each other.

And suddenly, she had the hots for them too. Now she realized the familiar feelings she had recognized in Cheryl’s story. She, too, had bathed them without washcloths when they had been younger, just toddlers. She had told herself it was because she didn’t want the detergents in the cloth to cause a rash on their skin. Now she recognized the truth. She had been horny later and had seduced Greg or, if he was uninterested, had masturbated. She had never connected the two actions, but they seemed to go hand-in-hand.

Of course! She had lusted after her daughters for years. That explained her desire for Jenny when she’d come to visit, her longing for Tammy, and her special desire for Emily. She wanted to have sexual contact with her daughters. The realization nearly made her faint.

She explained all these thoughts, both past and present, to Cheryl and the two girls. Emily still lay nearby asleep.

“I won’t make them do something they don’t want to do,” she said. That was one thing she knew to be true. She would not be a part of having her daughters partake in actions they wanted no part of. If they wanted to do these things, then it would be a matter of a mother teaching her daughters how to please someone. If they were not willing — no, if they were not joining in happily — she did not want them to do this. She explained her feelings to Cheryl and the girls.

“I understand exactly what you feel,” answered Cheryl. “I would never have included my girls if they weren’t more than willing to have sex with their mother. They were both excited to do these things, though. And I am willing to bet that Tina and Erin are anxious to have fun as well.”

“But how do we find out without making them feel forced into it?” asked a worried, but very excited Lisa.

“We get these girls involved,” Cheryl said, indicating Jenny, Tammy, and Emily. “Tina and Erin won’t feel threatened by them. If they approach them with the idea of playing sex games and they are willing to do that, then they can tell them the truth of what we are doing here. If their reaction is one of fear or disgust, we leave them out of it. But if they are excited by the idea, we include them. We teach them about sex by showing and doing.”

“But what if they are afraid and disgusted and tell?”

“They won’t tell. They won’t say that you are involved at first. But I am willing to bet the price of my house they are neither afraid nor disgusted.”

“How do you know that?” asked Lisa, wanting to believe her.

“Trust me. Presented properly, the idea will be quite appealing,” said Cheryl with a twinkle in her eye.

And Lisa, Cheryl, Tammy, and Jenny set about planning what they would do to find out if the two young girls were willing.

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    I loved the intensity of the pairings of the mothers and daughters, so highly charged with sexual desires, and so deliciously described…
    This small sampling is totally mesmerizing:

    …”Eat me, little one,” Lisa moaned, wanting the child’s lips on her pussy more than anything in the world at that moment. “Lick Aunt Lisa’s pussy and suck her clit.”

    Emily smiled at Lisa and moved toward the older woman’s steamy gash. Her small hands moved slickly through the folds and concentrated momentarily on the woman’s clit before being replaced by her angelic mouth. Emily began to moan sharply as her mouth devoured Lisa’s mature cunt. She licked hungrily at the inner lips, manipulating the labia in a way that stimulated Lisa’s clit. Her mouth would suck greedily on the clit and move down to the vaginal opening to drink of the nectar that spilled from there. Lisa could see why the child was good at this. She loved it. She obviously loved eating pussy as much as a baby loved her mother’s milk. Emily craved pussy juice; the cream that spilled from her pussy was ambrosia to the little girl.

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